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Times change and so must I.

I am beyond excited to tell you the wedding photos are in! Lina & Tom have done an absolutely marvellous job, and if you'd like to view our wedding in all its glory (including an incredibly attractive face from me...I won't tell you which photo, but it's near the start of the ceremony section), you… Continue reading Times change and so must I.

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Time for a (hair and make up) trial – 23 weeks to go

One of my favourite beauty salons - no, actually, one of my favourite places - in the world is Dollie Mixtures in Hitchin. Run by sisters Sarah and Hayley, it's all about vintage inspired loveliness (just look at the decor - the photos, the chaise longue!) but just as important is their emphasis on body… Continue reading Time for a (hair and make up) trial – 23 weeks to go