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Times change and so must I.

I am beyond excited to tell you the wedding photos are in! Lina & Tom have done an absolutely marvellous job, and if you'd like to view our wedding in all its glory (including an incredibly attractive face from me...I won't tell you which photo, but it's near the start of the ceremony section), you… Continue reading Times change and so must I.

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The wedding – 2 weeks on

This week, after four and a half years, I left my job. Not, I hasten to add, because I've gone full on 1950s and given up work as I'm now married, but because I have a very exciting new job, in a whole new industry, that I start tomorrow. Because why do one big thing… Continue reading The wedding – 2 weeks on

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You can never have enough (wedding) cake – 7 weeks to go

Merry Christmas everyone (if you celebrate it)! I hope you had a lovely day. It was my last one as Miss Cooper, and it was ruddy marvellous. I ate too much, watched the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special approximately 48 times, and spent some much-needed time with loved ones that I've neglected recently due to… Continue reading You can never have enough (wedding) cake – 7 weeks to go