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You can never have enough (wedding) cake – 7 weeks to go

Merry Christmas everyone (if you celebrate it)! I hope you had a lovely day. It was my last one as Miss Cooper, and it was ruddy marvellous. I ate too much, watched the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special approximately 48 times, and spent some much-needed time with loved ones that I’ve neglected recently due to work, wedding prep and various other bits and pieces.

Must make sure that doesn’t happen next year!

Weirdly, the wedding seems much closer this side of Christmas. We’ve only got seven little weeks to go now, and as everyone keeps reminding me, that’s going to come around very quickly. Much of what’s on the to-do list can’t be done just yet, such as the hell of cleaning afternoon tea crockery for 100 – there’s no way I’m doing that now, just to do it again in six weeks’ time – or the making of the centrepieces (the cat thoroughly enjoyed ruining my practice one repeatedly, so I’d rather put that off for as long as possible too).

Another thing that needs to be done the week before we get married (although, thankfully for all of those attending, not by me), is the wedding cake. And, because I’m sure everyone is in the mood to talk about food after the past couple of days, that’s what I’m going to write about today (and, once I’m done, I fully expect to feel hungry, eat the leftover yule log and sausage rolls in the kitchen, realise I wasn’t actually hungry at all, and spend the rest of the evening complaining that I’ve eaten too much. Because that’s how I – quite literally – roll at Christmas).

My lovely sister, who I’ve mentioned before, is also maid of honour and a general good egg, is making our wedding cake for us. She’s very nice like that. Especially as, if The Boy’s ideas are anything to go by, it’s going to be rather ruddy complicated. In his head, he wants something like this:


Photo from: http://whengeekswed.com/blog/2015/07/15/half-dalek-wedding-cake/

Except, you know, the cake has to travel for over an hour, and a large part of the journey is on the M25. I have a feeling that cake might look more like this by the time we get it to the venue:


Photo from: http://tardismusings.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/know-your-daleks-no7.html

Meanwhile, in my head, I want something much more traditional, in keeping with the vintage theme (although perhaps not an authentic, 1940s style cake, where they used a cardboard model of the cake for the outside, because I’m a massive fan of icing). Something like this would be perfect for me – I love the birdcage, and all the lovely roses:


Photo from: http://cottonandcrumbs.co.uk/pages/gallery

Regular readers will remember that my sister actually did something quite similar for my 30th birthday back in June, which I absolutely adored. Look how beautiful it is:


At the end of the night, she turned to me and said, “Oh GOD, you’re going to expect something even more imaginative for your wedding, aren’t you?”. So, at least she’s been preparing for the last six months, and I’m pretty excited to see how she mixes the vintage and Doctor Who themes…luckily, she’s very creative with these sorts of things (I’m constantly amazed at her baking ability, and wonder why she got all the skills in the kitchen. Example – the cake I made The Boy for his birthday. The theme was ‘When in doubt, chuck chocolate icing on and sprinkle with stars’):


In contrast, here’s a cake she made for her boyfriend’s birthday, a few years ago. Yes, that’s a globe. Yes, it’s all actual cake:


And a wedding cake (plus cupcakes) she made:3133_10151146249117591_979362866

As she’s so artistic, we’ve given her free reign, and have just asked for our favourite flavours to be included in the sponge (none of this fruit cake nonsense – if I wanted fruit, I’d have an apple). So far, it only needs to be 10 tiers to get them all in…

Now. Where are those sausage rolls?


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