Wedding beauty

(Wedding) nailed it – 47 weeks to go

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with two of my lovely chums (one my age, one 24 years my junior), watching Beauty and the Beast and eating Frozen cupcakes (I had Olaf. He was delicious).

During the afternoon, we started discussing nail varnish (not that unusual, my friend has her own business creating mini-masterpieces on people’s nails – you can find her on Facebook, Polished – Nails by Lucy) and my upcoming nuptials. Which worked out quite nicely, as I had a very important question to ask, and I am thrilled to say she accepted; the lovely Lucy will be doing my nails for my wedding – hurrah!

The last time Lucy did my nails, we decided on a Doctor Who theme. An avid pinner of all things Pinterest and a rabid Instagrammer, she is an artistic marvel, and I think you’ll agree, these nails are pretty special (the chubby little fingers and stubby nails which I have to take credit for, not so much. Sorry about that):


I am considering having these for the aforementioned wedding, but just in case I don’t, Lucy has already started thinking of ideas (one of the reasons she’s my friend – I love a fellow planner).

For now, in between pinning wedding dresses and Stana Katic’s hair (Google her. It’s amazing), I have been looking for nail inspiration, mostly on Lucy’s social media pages. I checked, and she’s fine with that. Here are my top 5 nail art photos that show wedding nails needn’t mean a simple French manicure anymore!

So, in my best ‘Top 40’ voice…

At number five, we have his lovely lace-inspired number. At least I think it’s lace-inspired. Lovely and subtle, this would be lovely for Mother of the Bride (or indeed, Mother of the Groom) too.

Lucy Nails2

And at number 4 ladies and gentlemen, another lovely nude base, but with a little bit of sparkle. As my Nan used to say, you need to have a bit of bling (and if you can’t have it on your wedding day, when can you, eh?).


At number three – I believe these were bridesmaids’ nails at a recent wedding, but I think these would fit perfectly with the Doctor Who theme. If you squint, you could probably say the gems at the bottom look like stars, right?


Lucy Nails4


At number two, partly because of the gorgeous hand-painted flowers, but mostly because of the mega-cool-with-knobs-on colour changing nail varnish, we have these little beauties. If you can keep your hands warm, they’re a lovely colour with pretty flowers, and if you can stick your hands in a bag of ice come the reception, you’ve got some gorgeous party nails, hurrah!










Lucy Nails3

And at number one, these fabulous initial nails. I’ll be honest, I’ll probably use my and The Boy’s initials instead of J&F, but how cool would these be as wedding nails?!


Lucy Nails5

And, as an extra Sunday evening bonus here are two from Lucy’s Instagram, which I can’t repost right now because I forgot my log-in and need to go and cook my dinner. Yes, I’m on Instagram. Yes, I should use it more.

Just in case there are any chaps who read this (except for The Boy – he gets this all the time anyway), I promise that next week’s post will be less…bridey.


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