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When a wedding doesn’t have a dress code – 48 weeks to go

This week, I heard a rumour that people believe they will have to dress up in 1940s/50s attire in order to be granted entry to our wedding. Now, while I had considered having two very dapper looking gents on the door, wearing braces and willing to eject anyone without an invitation and/or sporting a foxy looking vintage suit, this is absolutely not the case (The Boy said no).

I know that weddings do sometimes have dress codes or themes that include guests outfits, which I think are great, but they’re just not for us. If guests would like to dress in a retro sort of style, well that would be lovely (and I have many, many suggestions on where you can buy something, because…well, because I dress like that most days), but if they’d like to stick to more modern wedding finery, that would be just lovely too (one rule – no bikinis please, you’ll freeze. Actually, two rules – no bikinis please, you’ll freeze, and no veils). My Lovely Mum has already purchased her MOB outfit (apparently the need to plan ahead is genetic – I was always going to draft table plans before guest lists and venues had been confirmed), and it’s beautiful, but very much a 2015 outfit. So, if nothing else, choosing something contemporary would keep her company.

My Darling Sister had this to say, “If everyone does it, I think it would look like a fancy dress party”. It’s good she feels like that, because she’s wearing a 1950’s-inspired bridesmaid’s dress, victory rolls and red lipstick. I suppose as maid of honour, she could always have the wedding outfit of Alice Horton in the Vicar of Dibley, so she fits in with the Doctor Who theme instead (and I quite like the idea of her watching over our marriage for all eternity):


“I am a Time Lord, watching over your marriage for all eternity.”
Photo from

So, to conclude – guests should be allowed to wear whatever they like to a wedding (especially ours). Except for the aforementioned bikinis and veils. Actually, I’ve just thought of a new rule – no Dalek outfits. Please. I’m only thinking of you and future generations who will have to see the photos (photo from


In other news, I am pleased to report that I booked the registrar this week (one piece of wedding planning advice – please, please, please book your registrar before you put the deposit down on your venue. Otherwise, you run the risk that they won’t be able to make it, and you will either forfeit your venue deposit, or have a very nice, very expensive party while remaining unwed at the end of it). We were lucky, because we’re getting married in darkest February (and, you know, there’s still almost a year to go…), there was still availability. Hurrah! Now we’re all booked in to give notice (did you know you have to do that for a civil ceremony? I didn’t. Lucky they told me, really), and everything is looking scarily, wonderfully, real.


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