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How soon is too soon to prep wedding hair? – 31 weeks to go

This week’s post is a bit late because I finally got my new sewing machine out, and created my very first circle skirt. And yes, it’s a bit wonky, it needs hemming and I went rogue and added in an extra line of stitching around the elasticated waistband so I now can’t get it past my thighs, but I am feeling rather proud of myself. Particularly as I didn’t start with (and therefore ruin) my TARDIS fabric as I so dearly wanted to (such restraint is most unlike me).

Anyway, to wedding stuff. This week, The Boy and I had a meeting with our venue, and I had my lovely list of questions. Which I left in the house as we were a bit late leaving and I was in a flap, so our car journey consisted of me alternating between frantically trying to remember all the questions, writing them down in The Boy’s handily placed notebook, and looking out of the window and taking deep breaths, in an attempt to stave off motion sickness.

All of which turned out to be completely pointless, as the first thing they told us when we got there has been a small miscommunication about our booking. They’re working on it, but just writing that sentence has sent my anxiety levels through the roof, so instead of talking all about the venue as I’d planned this week, I’m afraid I’m going to have to talk about pretty things to take my mind off it.

So, to wedding hair!

For some time now, my hair has been red – sometimes a plummy tone, sometimes leaning more towards the fire engine end of the spectrum. Before that, I was blonde (note to guests, please don’t do what I did shortly before our friends’ wedding a few years ago. The week before, I decided to go blonde (my hair was dark brown at the time) and get a spray tan. Either one on its own would have been absolutely fine, but getting both done at once resulted in me looking like a cross between Katie Price and Barbara Windsor. I thought the bride was going to faint. With laughter. And it led to The Boy whispering in my ear as we were dancing “I like the hair, the hair can stay. But the tan is terrifying”). Shortly after that, I embraced my English Rose complexion and 1950s style full-time.

I decided that for our wedding, I’d like my hair to be a little closer to my natural colour. Which I’m not convinced I’ve seen since I was about 15, so I’m perhaps not the most reliable of witnesses. Armed with a photo of Stana Katic, I went along to my hairdressers (Lovely Days in St.Neots, who are amazing, in case you’re  in the area) and pleaded with the lovely Laura to make me look as much like Ms. Katic as she could. More to come as we go, but I think the resemblence is uncanny. Here’s our progress so far:

What we started with…


February 2015

771  772

May 2015


July 2015

078079  081

So, fellow brides to be, if you fancy a change before the big day, I cannot stress this enough – leave plenty of time to get it sorted, and ask your hairdresser for advice. Going from an extreme colour, or to one, is not the work of an evening and a box of Clairol (it took forever and a day for my hair to take to the red, and it feels like it’s taking forever and two days to get the ruddy stuff out).

In other hair-related news, I’ve asked the amazing Rosadior to make my hairpiece for the wedding. I knew she was the one for me when she sent me back an ideas board with flowers and a TARDIS.


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