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What to do during the reception changeover? – 32 weeks to go

This week, we have our site visit planned, and my list of questions for the nice people at Duxford is getting longer by the day. Particularly as thanks to Pinterest and the excited posts of friends during wedding season (which is well and truly upon us, if my Facebook timeline is anything to go by), I have come up with some rather exciting new decor/activity ideas (some of which I’ll share after Friday. I am excited).

And on that note, if anyone has any ideas of what we can do during the room change-over, I’m very, very interested. Particularly as it’s likely to be chilly, if not chucking it down. Here are some of the suggestions I’ve seen and liked:

1. Sparklers

2. Hot chocolate making station

3. Impromptu show (weirdly, The Boy’s idea, not mine)

4. Send people back to the museum to look at planes should they so wish

5. Bow tie/button making station

6. DIY photo booth, where people use their own cameras, we’ll provide the props (by which I mean, I’ve seen two giant teacups and a giant cookie that I am desperate to incorporate somewhere)

7. Treasure hunt for children and like-minded adults (this includes at least one of my bridesmaids)

My current favourite is a hot chocolate station, but I’m not sure how popular that will be as people will have just drunk several gallons of tea. And sparklers, because…well, because they’re sparklers.

Also this week, I bowed to the inevitable and asked for some quotes for our invitations (more to be revealed soon), as let’s be honest – me making approximately 90 invitations was wildly optimistic. Particularly when you consider my lack of patience and short temper. Example thereof: I tried getting back into my limited fitness regime earlier this week, attempting to hula hoop my way through an episode of Charmed. Except I couldn’t hula hoop for longer than 30 seconds, and got so frustrated I bashed the hoop against the exposed brick wall in our living room. Then apologised to both the wall and the hoop. Ahem.

But anyway, back to the invitations. I popped into one of the printers in town, and started the conversation with “I live nearby so thought I’d pop in…”. Was not expecting “Yes, I know, I frequently see you walking past the window” to be the response. Guess that’s the price you pay for dressing in this understated fashion…


Finally, last week I was talking about a vintage bus, so this week I thought I’d talk a bit about my wedding car. Her name is Doris and she was born in 1957 (she’s an Austin A35), and as you can see from this photo, she’s pretty darn special:


Unfortunately, at the moment she doesn’t actually run, so my lovely stepdad is going to restore her for the wedding (and if he doesn’t quite manage it, we’ll bring her along anyway so people can use her as a photo prop. Fairly certain she’ll be popular – I mean, look at the Ford Anglia parked at Harry Potter Studios; there’s always a queue of people waiting there). I rashly offered my help with the restoration, which my stepdad gleefully accepted (he’s always been a bit disappointed I’m not more interested in how cars work, and he may or may not see this as one last chance to make my eyes light up at the words ‘catalytic convertor’).

But hey, it’ll be fun.

Just like all those driving lessons he gave me when I was 17. At no point did I scream in frustration and he twist the rear-view mirror to stop me from looking in it instead of at the road ahead.


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