Wedding invitations

Now, where’s my to-do list? – 33 weeks to go

So, the anxiety dreams about the wedding have started in earnest. Lucky, lucky me! Earlier this week, I dreamt that I was getting married in my nan and grandad’s garden (I’m sure the new owners of the house would have been thrilled), that I hadn’t showered, washed my hair, done my make up or sorted out my nails, which were bitten, sore and generally a bit unkempt. Or ordered my dress.

But perhaps most importantly, I hadn’t sent out any invitations.

After waking up in a cold sweat and only just managing to stop myself from shaking The Boy awake to check that we weren’t getting married that very day, I decided to write a to-do list. Which took up three and a half pages of my notebook, not including my questions for the venue, or the tasks I’ve already completed but added in anyway just so I could tick them off the list and feel accomplished (an odd motivator perhaps, but it works for me).

I split it into handy sections (according to my American chums, I am a ‘Type A’ person. I believe this is polite code for control freak), so I can tackle one section at a time, in order of urgency. Right at the top of my list is the invitations, partly because we need to send them out a good four months before we need to do most other things, but mostly because I’m hoping that will make my anxiety dreams go away. Or at least force my unconscious to get a little creative.

There’s so much we need to do even before we write them, never mind sending them out. Some I’m pretty certain I can do, like ordering the materials (I’m an accomplished shopper – you can read about it at my previous blog, should you so wish) and getting busy with a Pritt-Stick (although considering the hash I made of The Boy’s birthday scrapbook, maybe I shouldn’t be quite so confident), but in order to send out the invitations, we need to double, triple reconfirm the guest list (and then still discover there’s someone very important to us who we’ve forgotten to include), decide whether we’re having a vintage bus (if anyone knows of a company in Cambridgeshire or the surrounding area, please let me know) and exactly how militant I want to get about social media during the day. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a bit vain, and I don’t want the evening guests to have seen The Dress before they arrive. The Boy tried to talk me out of this on the way home from the train station earlier in the week, as he pointed out I will look my best earlier in the day. I don’t want to imply he was moved to mention this as it was one of the hottest days of the year and my 1950s-style set was looking a bit limp and lopsided, while my red lipstick had melted halfway down my chin, so I’ll state it as fact. That’s why he mentioned it. But as we’re getting married in the UK, in February, I don’t think heat will be an issue. Up until this week, I wouldn’t have been convinced heat would be an issue if we got married in the UK, in July.

I decided to make the invitations myself, so it fits with the vintage, DIY theme (and there’s going to be plenty of TARDIS blue on them, so it’ll fit with the Doctor Who theme too), apparently imagining I was my lovely sister, who is an artistic, creative perfectionist when it comes to arty things, and forgetting that, when it comes to arts and crafts, I have great vision but not a lot of ability. I’m also not the most patient of people. On the plus side, I could always find my creations going viral as part of a ‘Pinterest fail’ style article.

My bridesmaids and various other lovely people have offered to help in any way they can, but I think this is something I should probably do alone. If The Boy hears me screaming in frustration during ‘The week of a thousand paper cuts’, we already have a ‘You proposed, so no backsies’ rule. If my friends and family hear it, I think it might be a ‘I haven’t received the invitation yet, so no attendsies’ situation.

So, the supplies have been purchased, a guillotine (the paper cutting type, I checked) have been procured from my lovely mum, and I’m about ready to start the first of many, many drafts of the invitation wording. But for now, I’m off to Google ‘How to make teeny-tiny bunting that doesn’t get stuck to your fingers when you try to glue it to a card’. Wish me luck!


In other, non-wedding news, there are five little days left to vote for Miss Vintage UK 2015. If you haven’t already voted, I’d love you to click ‘like’ on my photo please: (Dress is from if you were wondering, and I don’t want to boast, but two five year olds – always the harshest critics – confirmed it’s the coolest dress in the world.)


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