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The Dorothy collection with Miss Bella’s Blooms

The Dorothy collection, my collaboration with Miss Bella’s Blooms, is now available to purchase on Etsy!

I was really excited when Claire asked me if I’d like to collaborate with her on a collection. Each one is named after my daughter, Dorothy, who passed away last year, and for each item sold, we will be donating to a wonderful charity, Remember My Baby. The charity is staffed by volunteer photographers, who give their time and expertise to ensure bereaved parents get the chance to have photos with their child. We have some wonderful photos of Dorothy thanks to the charity and I’m honoured to be able to give something back.

The Dorothy, a peony and hydrangea hair flower and corsage set has large, pale pink peonies and lilac hydrangeas, complemented by a spray of delicate green, purple, lilac buds.

The Rose is available in pale pink and mauve, and is made of roses and rose buds, with added hyacinths, lilac and green buds, gypsophila and hydrangeas, along with a hidden forget-me-not in the leaves.


The Beverley is made of blue and lilac meadow astrantia, with small yellow daffodils, elderflower buds, yellow hydrangeas and white orange blossom.

Back in November, I headed over to Claire’s workshop, where – after I made friends with her cats and had a little squeal at all the flowers she has – we experimented with different colours and styles before she let me loose with a glue gun. I had an idea of the sorts of colours I wanted (soft, muted ones that remind me of Dorothy), and I knew I wanted something with a rose as it was one of her middle names, but apart from that I was pretty clueless!


Claire was wonderful, guiding me through the process and giving me pointers as we went along. I’m thrilled with what we’ve created!


Once we’d created the designs, I started thinking about how to style them. I had a perfect hat, which my husband bought from Elegant Era for my birthday, and had my eye on this Miss Candyfloss dress since I saw it at London Edge last year. It was sold out on the Miss Candyfloss website, but the lovely team at Revival Retro made my dress dreams come true!


On New Year’s Day, my husband and I headed over to our local park to take some photos, where we ended up making friends with a dog called Jack. He was fun! Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos of the Beverley, as this is a later addition to the collection, but here’s how I styled the Dorothy and the Rose. All come with a hair clip and a brooch fastener, so you can wear them however you like.

rosehairflower         rosecorsaf   rosecloseup


dorothyhairflower2    dorothyhairflower1

dorothyset2     dorothyset4

The Rose and the Beverley are currently sold out (thank you to everyone who bought one! Will keep you posted when they’re restocked), but there are still a few of the Dorothy sets available.




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