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Review: Fatale Cosmetics lipstick

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I recently noticed a new vintage-style cosmetics brand on the block, Fatale Cosmetics. I started following the team on Instagram, and was instantly intrigued by the lipsticks on offer. They have the look of old Hollywood-style luxury, and coming from the women behind The Vintage Beauty Parlour, and The House of Foxy & Pretty Retro, I knew they were going to be something pretty special.

The brand has three lipsticks in its range:

  • Monroe red – a classic ruby red with a warm undertone
  • Harlow coral – a striking, warm coral-red with orange and pink undertones
  • Rita Rouge – a rich crimson red with cool blue and pink undertones

All three are highly pigmented, vegetarian and palm oil free, and are not tested on animals.

I spent a long time trying to decide between Monroe Red and Rita Rouge (much experimenting in the past has confirmed that coral is not the one for me). I recently got a rather bright red lipstick with my Beauty Pie subscription (blog post to come soon), so I eventually decided to plump for Rita Rouge.


Shipping was super-speedy (I received it two days after ordering), and a lot of thought and care has obviously gone into the packaging. Just look at this!


I’m a huge fan of fancy packaging, but the important bit is, of course, the lipstick itself. And this one did not disappoint.


It goes on really smoothly, with the promised highly pigmented, colour-rich look. I’m really pleased I went for the Rita Rouge, as it’s a colour I don’t currently have in my (extensive) make up box. I only needed one coat, and decided to keep the satiny look, but next time I might blot to get more of a retro matte.


And it’s got pretty impressive staying power too. I wore it on Easter Sunday, where I cooked up a storm (hosting my first family Easter get-together, which was just as stressful as I thought it would be). I ate and drank a lot, and although the colour faded (and did slightly come off on my glass), it did so evenly and I only topped my lips up once. If I’d been out for the evening, rather than positioning myself horizontally on the sofa, I’d have probably topped it up a couple more times, but still – I can see it working really well at events where I’m out and about all day.

The lipstick is slightly more expensive than I’d usually pay, at £25, but for a strong colour that has good staying power and fits perfectly with a vintage or modern look, I’d say it’s worth the money.


And, it means I can pretend to be all glamorous and mysterious, like this.

In case you’re curious, the corsage I’m wearing in this photo is the Dotty, part of the Dorothy Collection by Miss Bella’s Blooms, available on Etsy now.


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