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What I’m loving this week: autumn fashion

I can never decide what my favourite season is. Spring is green and lush, summer is glorious (when it’s not raining), autumn is crackly leaves and bonfire smoke, and winter is frosty crunchiness.

For fashion, though, I’m pretty sure Autumn’s my favourite (unless we’re talking festive fashion. That wins every time). Teal, mustard and jewel colours are in, check fabrics are everywhere, and hats go with everything.

This dress is from Pretty Retro

Here are some of the things I’m loving right now.

This Miss Bella’s Blooms rose and hydrangea hair flower is very sweet. One of the things I like about Claire’s shop is that she only has limited runs on her flowers (there’s only one of these), so your risk of turning up wearing the same as someone else is limited.


I think it would look perfect with this rose coloured turban from Sarah’s Doo Wop Dos (it’s out of stock at the moment, but I’m keeping a close eye on Sarah’s Instagram feed, as that’s where she announces her next restock)


I’ve recently discovered Revival Retro, a boutique in London, has its own range of vintage style clothes. I’m obsessed with their cape (that’s a post for another time), but I’m also loving this teal shirt dress. I’d probably style it with black tights and flats for the office, then nude tights and a small heel for an afternoon tea trip.


This next dress is almost in Christmas frocks territory (ok, it’s definitely in Christmas frocks territory), but I like it so much I’m featuring it here. The Dolly and Dotty holly dress is made of blue velvet (yep, that song’s now in my head forever), and looks lovely and swingy.


Next up…a hat! Regular readers will know how much I adore hats, and I own several from Kerry at the Little Shop of Gorgeousness & Fripperies now. This faux fur 1940s style one looks really warm and stylish. I’d wear it with my black Collectif coat and an imperious expression.


I’ve seen the Unique Vintage Lydia dress a few times over social media recently, and I think it’s absolutely flipping gorgeous. The black and white panels mean it looks a bit different to other 1950s style dresses around at the moment, and I love the look it gives. I’d probably style this pretty closely to this photo, to be honest!


I mentioned the Voodoo Vixen tartan range in my last post, and this skirt is lovely. It would go with so much stuff currently in my wardrobe that I have to keep reminding myself that I have Christmas presents to buy, and that should really come before skirts for me…


I’m loving these Rocket Originals Doris shoes. They’d work well with my warmer outfits now, but I think they’d work equally well with my summer dresses next year too.


And finally, one that I’ve bought recently, because I just couldn’t resist! The Palava Cynthia dress in an Edinburgh Castle print. It’s so pretty! Can’t wait to wear it out and about.



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