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Hats, glorious (vintage) hats!

As some of you may know, as well as my blog I also write for She Might Be, an online community full of plus size fashion, beauty and a whole host of other fabulous things. One of my recent posts was all about my love of vintage hats, and as I’ve added a few more to my collection since then, thought I’d share some of the love over here!

One of my newest additions, an original 40s feather hat

For a long time, I didn’t think I suited hats – with the exception of a brief flirtation with baseball caps as a 16 year old, and to be frank, the least said about that, the better. But the more I got into vintage dressing, the more I found myself drawn to hats.

And as a friend once said, and I’ve covered here before; once I decide I like something, I really go for it. So of course, I’m now building up quite a nice hat collection. Most are vintage, but I do have a few from The Little Shop of Gorgeousness and Fripperies and The Heritage Milliner, two companies that use vintage patterns to make fantastic reproductions.


When the weather ruins your hair, but your hat game is strong…


While my clothes veer towards 1950s, I have a huge range of 1940s and 1950s hats. My head seems to be slightly bigger than average, so I tend to go for any sort of hat that I can perch on top of my head. For modern hats, I’d be stuck with fascinators, but for vintage style, I can choose from tilt hats, saucer hats, platter hats…oh, the list is virtually endless my friends! Or, as I did with this straw hat, I just pop it on the back of my head anyway and fix it with bobby pins (a girl has to improvise every now and again).

Hat accessorised with hair flowers

As well as helping my outfits feel more authentic, I love the way hats frame my face, add a bit of something extra to my clothes, and hide a slightly dodgy hair day (see above photo of a March weather-related hair incident).  They make me feel a bit more snazzy while going about everyday life, and that’s never a bad thing, in my humble opinion!

So, what am I planning next for my collection? While I have a couple of straw hats, I’ve noticed that most of my hats seem to be darker colours or what I’d call wintery fabrics.

Now the weather’s getting warmer, I’m on the lookout for a cream saucer hat (or pink. I’ve just come back from watching Hidden Figures, which quite apart from being an absolutely fantastic film, had the most amazing costumes I’ve seen for some time. I’m a particular fan of this one Katherine wears quite early on.)


So, there it is; a whistle stop tour of my hat collection!



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