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One Pretty Retro dress, four looks

So, I’m already behind with my posting, and I blame Hilary Mantel. My husband bought me The Mirror and the Light (he’s nice like that) and I’ve been reading it whenever I have a spare second. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so into a book that I’ve thought ‘Brilliant, I have enough time to read half a page’, and done it.

900-and-something pages later, and I’m done. I thought I was going to stop breathing in the last 30 pages, it was so stressful, but it’s a cracking book and I’d definitely recommend it.

Anyhoo, the books I’ve recently read and loved is for another post. Today, I would like to talk to you about a rather lovely dress I recently purchased from Pretty Retro, sister brand to The House of Foxy.

I bought the navy shirtwaister dress (also available in red and black) a few weeks ago, and as I don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon, I thought I’d experiment with a few different ways I could wear it. Without further ado, I bring you – one dress, four looks. And I give you fair warning – I really enjoyed doing this, so it may very well become a thing.

I decided to do something different with my hair, so for the first time in ages I pincurled my hair in a wet set instead of using my Curlettes curlers. I used House of Drewvid marcel spray to set.

The first look keeps things nice and simple, with a vintage navy beret and navy shoes. I could definitely see myself wearing this to work (sans hat) or for a weekend day out.

classic navy3


  • Navy beret from Elegant Era (currently closed)
  • Shoes from Collectif (currently open)
  • Vintage brooch and gloves from eBay

classic navy2


The second look is a glamorous one, with a tan coloured faux fur vintage reproduction hat and scarf set, tan shoes and a vintage tan bag. I’d definitely wear this to a vintage event.

faux fur


faux fur2


The third look is a super, duper dramatic one. Because if you can’t look super, duper dramatic while quarantined in your garden on a Saturday in early April, when can you? The bag and hat for this look are vintage, and I think the sunglasses add a bit of extra sassiness. Without the sunglasses, I think this is a cracking vintage day out outfit, but with the sunglasses, I feel like I’d need to wear it somewhere I fully intended to flounce out of.

dramatic with sunglasses3


Hat and bag from Elegant Era

Shoes from Rocket Originals (currently open)

Sunglasses from The House of Foxy

Necklace and bangles from Splendette (currently closed)



For the last look, I decided to do something a bit summery, with flowers and pastels, to show that navy isn’t just for Autumn/Winter (which is a good thing, as I seem to have an awful lot of it in my wardrobe). I’d wear this to afternoon tea, a picnic or – as is looking increasingly likely – for sitting in the garden on a sunny afternoon.



Hair flower and corsage from Miss Bella’s Blooms (currently open)

Bag from Revival Retro (currently open)

Bangles from Splendette

Shoes from Collectif


Pretty Retro is still open, and the team has confirmed that they’re working with skeleton staff and within all the necessary guidelines.  There are a couple of new things launching next week, which I’m pretty excited about.

*Note: I bought this dress, this is not a sponsored post.*



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