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A practically perfect Mary Poppins look

Just before Christmas, my husband and I went to see Mary Poppins Returns, and I adored it. So, a week later, I went to see it again with my mum and sister, and I still adored it.

Of all the things I loved (the songs! The penguins! Emily Blunt!), I think I loved the costumes most of all. As well as humming the songs to myself for most of the last two and a half months, I’ve been building myself a little Mary Poppins Returns-style wardrobe, and last weekend, my husband and I headed to the park – not to go fly a kite (although it was certainly windy enough) – but to take some photos of me in my Mary-inspired finery.


I already had a dress that looked Poppins-esque, which I bought from Gingermegs Vintage a couple of years ago, so the first part of the outfit I found (and actually the start of the whole idea) was a pair of red gloves, chanced upon during a trip to my local Primark.


Regular readers will know that I’ve had my eye on this Collectif coat and cape set since visiting London Edge last September, and the recent 50% off everything sale seemed like a  time to snap it up.


The red shoes are the Donna style from Hotter, and are practically perfect in every way. They are hands down the most comfortable things I’ve ever had on my feet (and I’m including slippers in that statement). I bought them in black first, and when the red ones went into the January sale, I decided it was fate, and bought a pair.


The hat is from the lovely Karen at The Heritage Milliner. She makes beautiful hats, and I was browsing her website when I found a style (Elaine) that looked like a great tribute to the Mary Poppins look, while being something I could wear again. Karen agreed to make one for me, and kindly sent fabric samples so I could match the hat to my shoes and gloves. I accessorised the hat with a festive corsage from Pin Up Curl, which I bought a couple of years ago (try as I might, I just couldn’t find any robin-themed millinery accessories that fitted the bill, but again – I like the way this pays tribute to Mary Poppins, without being an exact replica).


The bag was an absolute bargain (£10!) on Etsy, which I found by searching for Mary Poppins bag.


And, to finish off the look – my bird umbrella. My husband and I went to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago, and I spotted one as we were having a mooch around the shops. Unbeknownst (isn’t that a great word?) to me, he ordered one online, to make sure it would be surprise present. He’s very kind. And hasn’t even minded when I’ve talked to it and pretended it was answering back.


Put it all together and I think it’s a pretty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious look (sorry, had to get that phrase in somewhere – I think I’ve been quite subtle at sneaking the other references in, but that was always going to stick out like a…well, like an amazing and ridiculous made up word).


Not that she’ll be reading this, but thank you very much to the young woman who walked past shouting to her friend “Look! It’s Mary Poppins!” as we were taking photos. I appreciated it very much.



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