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Review: Collectif Pearl coat

I’m a little bit late to the party, but Happy New Year everyone! We still have one letter left in my A-Z of a vintage girl in a modern world, but it’s going to be a photo heavy one and unfortunately I’ve not been able to get the photos done.

Mostly because I’m lazy. So, there’s something for all of us to look forward to next weekend.

In the meantime, I thought I’d write a rather handy review of my Collectif Pearl coat, which, rather excitingly, is currently in their Winter sale. (And having seen it’s still available in my size, I shall be repeating to myself ‘I don’t need it in burgundy. I don’t need it in burgundy’.)

Do I need it in burgundy though?

Moving on, swiftly, onto the handy part of the post. Some quick things to note about Pearl:

Sizing: Generous – possibly to allow for layering underneath. Also, to look at sizing vertically, I’m 5ft and a bit (a doctor once told me that the ‘bit’ is very important. And I believe him), and the coat finishes mid-calf on me. It makes me feel a bit like a Hollywood starlet, and I’m ok with that.


Photo by Lina & Tom

Pros: It’s super, duper warm – I wore mine during our honeymoon in Finland and was pretty darn toasty.


It makes pretty much anything look glamorous – this was also taken during our honeymoon in Finland, and I think it sets off the walking boots and big, snuggly socks nicely.


I’m including this photo for no other reason than I love it.


Photo by Lina & Tom

Related, you’ll feel like the most glamorous creature on the planet. It could be the faux fur, it could be the…no, it’s the fur. That’s definitely it.


You make a lot of friends when you’re wearing it. I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve approached me to tell me how much they love it, and/or the ladies I’ve chatted to because we’re wearing the same coat.


Photo by The Street Style Carousel

Cons: You’ll spend a lot of time talking to people about your coat. If you’re planning on popping into town to do a couple of quick errands, it might be an idea to put something else on.

I won’t keep banging on about our Finnish honeymoon, but one of the loveliest ladies I’ve ever met worked at the place we stayed (Kakslauttanen in case you were wondering, home of the glass igloos), and we chatted every day about my coat and where she could buy one. I ended up writing down all the details for her, with specific reference to the burgundy colourway, and I really, really hope she got her hands on one!


The buttons on both have mine have been a bit loose (but then I’m not known for being delicate with my outfits). Nothing a needle and thread haven’t fixed, but something to bear in mind if you’re planning to wear it out and about immediately.

So, to conclude: the Pearl is pricey (even at sale prices), but she’s a good coat that’s built to last, and I’d definitely recommend getting your hands on one if you can.






4 thoughts on “Review: Collectif Pearl coat

  1. Hi, I’m 5ft (a smidge UNDER as the doctor told me once and my husband won’t let me forget it!) so I was looking for a review by someone curvy and as short as me! I just read another review which said she had to see all the buttons on after a few months and the hooks on the fur have come out too. Bit disappointing given the price. I’d love to get the blue one. Perhaps next year during a sale, the good sale just finished so it’s too late now. Besides I have an orange new coat to wear and a massive fur scarf so I’ll make do!


  2. I don’t wear thick jumpers much so do you think it is best to size down? I’m an 18-20 but usually wear dresses in a 20 from vintage reproduction places like Lady Vintage.


    1. Hi Saima, thank you so much for your comments – Collectif has had a post-Christmas sale in the past, so it might be worth holding on until then if you can (although the Pearls are sometimes excluded from this and do sell out quite quickly). The orange coat and fur scarf sound incredible! I sized down in mine and it’s absolutely fine. I hope this helps!


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