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P is for Pinups: the A-Z of a Vintage Girl in a Modern World

I would like to start with a good old-fashioned THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me for Miss Vintage UK. I am so very, very excited to be able to tell you that I’m through to the final, which will take place during Twinwood Festival at the end of August, eeek!

More to come another time, but for now…


Meanwhile, we’ve reached ‘P’ in my A-Z of a vintage girl in a modern world, and that means pinups. Lots and lots and lots of them!

Over the past year, I’d heard a lot about Pinup Picnic in the Park – the first event was held last summer, and it sounded like an absolute blast! Run by The British Belles, essentially, lots and lots of gorgeously attired ladies descend on Hyde Park for a picnic, catch up and general fun, and I was desperate to go.

Luckily, my lovely new chum (and vintage partner-in-crime) Nicola from Victory Rolls and Mixing Bowls was going along, and as she lives near me, we got the train together and nattered the whole way, while my petticoat and umbrella combo did its best to trip up as many people as possible.


Me and Nicola – who kindly took this photo

We got to Kings Cross, and waited for a few more of our chums to arrive – the lovely Sarah, Linda, Amelia and Sarah rocked up, and we all spotted a very dapper looking couple. Because we can’t resist telling people when they look awesome, we went over to say hello, and discovered they were off to get married. After a bit of excited congratulations-giving, we wished them well and headed to our next stop – pin up perfection!

Unfortunately, the good ole British summer resulted in the action being moved to a (very cool) tiki bar off Chancery Lane – I’m not sure the Tube station has ever seen quite so much glamour at once. I bumped into the beautiful Florence from Street Style Carousel, and it was great to chat to her – I don’t think I stopped all the way to the bar!

The bar was absolutely packed, but waiting in the queue meant I got to catch up with some gorgeous ladies I haven’t seen for ages (or, in a couple of cases, gorgeous ladies who I’ve followed on Instagram for ages!).

When they finally arrived, I got so excited at the pretty drinks that I forgot to take photos of them, but they were delicious.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party if we didn’t take a gazillion photos, and although the front camera on my phone is broken (devastating, I know), I managed to get a few photos, and – luckily for me – the gorgeous Catherine from Vintage Frills kindly offered to take some photos of me on her awesome camera. She was also the one who encouraged me to buy this dress, so I guess I owe her two cocktails/pretty things/public declarations of her awesomeness to say thank you?

In case you’re wondering, the dress is from a vendor at The Classic Car Boot Sale, the pearls are from Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, bag is from Elegant Era in Harrogate, the gloves and brooch are charity shop bargains, and the shoes are from BAIT Footwear.

Me and Holly, and Tanya of Secret Plus Size Goddess, two of the kindest, most lovely ladies I know

It was great to see so many of my friends from the Most Marvellous Meet Up group (you may spot some familiar faces if you’re a regular reader!)


Me and my fellow marvelettes sharing a giggle at something…I think this was taken by Chereeka (part of the awesome duo Papow and Flo)’s husband Dark Tech Support, using Catherine’s camera.

It was a fantastic day, despite us getting lost on the way back to the station, and Nicola and I chatted all the way home about our next adventure (I hope she brings the flamingo along, I feel like he’s part of the team)…watch this space!






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