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F is for Friends: A-Z of a vintage girl in a modern world

I would like to start this post with a heartfelt apology. I work with lots of lovely people, who are wonderfully supportive of this blog, and the things I do in my spare time. One of them even helpfully brainstormed potential topics for the letter ‘E’ last week, including elegance.

While it wasn’t my intention, I didn’t make that clear in my last post, and I’m sorry. Lisa, thank you for helping me, reading this blog, and generally being pretty awesome.Which actually leads me onto this week’s topic – friends. While not strictly vintage, I’m very lucky to have a close group of friends, all of whom accept me in all my vintage glory; some, I’ve known for years and years and years, whether because they’re family, we lived across the road from each other, or we met at school. Some I’ve met through work or mutual friends as a grown up (I use the term loosely). And some, I’ve met very recently, through a shared love of vintage and/or Doctor Who.Every single one of them is brilliant. They make me laugh until I cry, listen to me as I natter on about the same thing for the thousandth time, give me advice (even when I don’t want it) and I’m not sure I can express how much they mean to me. I’ll try.
They tell me they’re proud of me, and they embrace me and my quirks. Sample conversation: “So, we’re off to the park/coffee shop/hike up this massive hill, fancy it? You do, and you’re going to wear a petticoat and victory rolls are you? Brilliant. Go for it.”For my 30th birthday, I had a 1940s and 1950s-themed birthday party, and my friends dressed for the occasion. It was lovely.

And, long-time readers of this blog will know, my sister planned a vintage-themed hen party for me just before I got married (which is how I met one of my new friends. We bonded over my exploding TARDIS dress), and every single one of my friends wore a vintage-inspired dress and danced their socks off in our jive lesson. It was pretty ruddy spectacular, and if I haven’t said it before, I love you girls.

One friend, who couldn’t be there that day, is going through a horrible time at the moment. Her son, Miller, was stillborn a few weeks before I got married, and despite the fact she was going through hell, she ran wedding errands with me, stayed over with me the night before the wedding, let me serenade her at 5am in the morning, and was generally amazing.She’s truly one of the bravest people I know, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. (You can read her blog at www.millersstars.co.uk.) 12742325_10205581415803728_46496499920658495_nAnd talking of our wedding, thinking about it makes my heart feel almost full to the very brim. As well as meeting some new chums (including the fab Lina & Tom, who took these photos, the amazing team at Genuine Events, and our beautiful band, Daughters of Davis) we were lucky enough to have some very talented friends help us with the day (Dollie Mixtures for hair and make up, my sister for the cake, our chum Lucy for our gorgeous canvas guest book). The bridesmaids pulled off victory rolls and pearls with aplomb, and each and every one of our friends and family who attended made it one of my favourite days of my life so far.

Then there are the lovely ladies I’ve met through my love of the ’40s and ‘5os. I’ve joined a marvellous group on Facebook, which was set up by one of the most fabulous women I’ve met. She’s brave, funny and firm when she needs to be, and I ruddy love her.She and a team of truly wonderful admins run the group and make it a lovely, safe and inclusive spot on the internet where it’s ok to discuss just about anything without fear of ridicule. I’ve met some truly lovely people through it. We arrange meet ups (which is how I ended up at The Classic Car Boot Sale and Cahoots with some of the most fabulous women I’ve ever met),  and everyone is nice to each other, taking the time to build people’s confidence (those just getting into vintage are given as warm a welcome as veteran vintage lovers). It’s wonderful to see.

11909928_783576665098646_739720986_nSome of these lovely ladies are fellow vintage bloggers, and I’m so pleased to have met them: Vintage Frills, Coco Von Vintage, Lipstick and Dresses, Secret Plus Size Goddess, Miss Evelyn Jo, Pin Up Persuasion – thank you for being so kind and supportive, for sharing your blogging stories with me, and for being bloomin’ great fun!As The Beatles once said, I get by with a little help from my friends, and I feel so lucky to have the best, brightest, bonniest bunch a girl could ask for. Thank you for being awesome.


We’re now in the last few weeks of voting for Miss Vintage UK – if you haven’t already, please could I ask you to click on this link and like the photo. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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