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Review: Dolly and Dotty May Dress

Hello my loves! It’s time for a blog bonus post, hooray!

As long-time readers of the blog will know, I love Dolly and Dotty‘s vintage-inspired dresses (I took the Poppy dress to the Isle of Wight and had a whale of a time), so when they asked me if I’d like to review one for this blog, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I decided to try the May dress, as I’ve had my eye on it for a while and as I have a big thing for check and tartan prints at the moment, I chose the purple check.
(Note: I apologise for my face in these photos. We had unexpectedly nice weather on Monday, which meant my hay fever kicked in and I was woefully unprepared. If you ask me nicely, I might show you some of the behind-the-scenes photos The Boy took, where I’m waving my hands in front of my eyes  in a failed attempt to get them to stop watering).

Rather excitingly, the dress comes with two belts, one in fabric that matches the dress, and one black, so you can go for a complementary or contrasting look, and I love having the options! It’s pretty versatile too, and I think it would be mega-easy to dress up for a night out (petticoat, pearls, pair of heels), or down for a day trip somewhere sunny (cardigan in case it gets chilly, wicker basket, ballet flats).

I could have gone for black accessories, but in a nod to the nicer weather, I thought I’d summer it up, and went for white. I’ve added a petticoat to show off how lovely and full the skirt is, and wore my corset for these photos because that’s how I’d wear the dress.


The dress is good quality, especially when you consider the price (£32.99, in case you were wondering). I’ve gone for my usual size 14, and it fitted well without my corset (and nicely with it too, the only difference is that I could do the belt loops up a little tighter, for a more ‘cinched’ look). The only thing I would say is that the dress does have quite a low neckline, so if you’re a busty lady like me, it might be worth sizing up, or doing what I did and stitching up the neckline slightly  – problem solved!

I absolutely adore this dress, and would definitely recommend it. It comes in masses of colours and prints, which you can peruse here. I think the yellow might be the next one that accidentally falls into my basket…

Dolly and Dotty‘s dresses are available in sizes 6-24, and prices range from £24.99 – £37.99.



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