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A is for Audrey (and others) – the A-Z of a vintage girl in a modern world

Happy Sunday everyone!

First things first (and – fair warning – I’m here with my begging bowl) – I’ve entered Miss Vintage UK again this year, and it would mean the world to me to get into the final, which is held at the Twinwood Festival in August.

To help me get through to the judges’ round, I need as many votes as possible – if you have a spare second, please could you click on this link and hit ‘like’ for me? I’d be ever so grateful: https://www.facebook.com/twinwoodevents/photos/a.10153363505802657.1073741846.30797112656/10153363506167657/?type=3&theater


As I mentioned last week, the blog is taking a decidedly old-fashioned turn. Welcome to my new (and obviously very exciting) A-Z of being a vintage girl in a modern world. There are many things I enjoy about being born in the decade I was born in, but there are also many, many things I appreciate about the 1940s and 1950s, and the blog is going to be celebrating them over the next several weeks.

This week is the turn of A; I’m sure when many of us think of the 1950s, we think of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, but there are lots of other Old Hollywood heroines I turn to for hair, make up and general life inspiration (Hedy Lamarr, looking at you). Here’s a selection of some of my favourites (Old Hollywood heroes to come at a later date).

Angela Lansbury: better known for Murder, She Wrote now, I have serious hair flower envy.


Photo from Pinterest

Audrey Hepburn: everyone’s favourite classic beauty, Audrey. I will be forever grateful to my gran for introducing me to the wonder of Audrey Hepburn and musicals.


Photo from: http://thedivineaddiction.com/2012/10/21/from-icon-to-everyday-audrey-hepburn/

Ava Gardner: she was so glamorous, this photo makes me want to go out and buy an enormous hat immediately.


Photo from: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/ava-gardner/images/24658076/title/ava-gardner-photo

Betty Grable: check out those victory rolls, and those eyebrows!


Photo from: http://www.doctormacro.com/movie%20star%20pages/Grable,%20Betty-Annex.htm

Elizabeth Taylor: I cannot stress enough how much I want her hair. And earrings.


Photo from: http://www.glamour.com/fashion/2014/04/naomi-deluce-wilding-on-grandmother-elizabeth-taylor

Ginger Rogers: did everything Fred did, but backwards and in high heels. Legend.


Photo from: http://theredlist.com/wiki-2-24-525-526-652-view-1930s-2-profile-ginger-rogers.html

Grace Kelly: beautiful, graceful and elegant. Everything I would like to be when I grow up.

GraceKellyPhoto from Pinterest

Greta Garbo: this is my new ‘Did you really mean to say that?’ look.


Photo from: http://celeb-true.com/content/greta-garbo.html

Hedy Lamarr: not only was she glamorous and a great actress, she pioneered wireless technology. Awesome.


Photo from: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/blog/hedy-lamarr-documentary-american-masters/

Ingrid Bergman: another woman who gives me serious hat and hair envy.


Photo from: https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwjwkYrejfPLAhVGbBoKHWc9CZ0QjhwIBQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbsnews.com%2Fpictures%2Fingrid-bergman-at-100%2F&psig=AFQjCNG7feGZaWCOsRSWWeukcnEszr0E8Q&ust=1459794840929347&cad=rjt

Jean Harlow: look at the smouldering sexiness. And all without actually showing an awful lot.

Dinner At Eight

Photo from: http://www.catwalkyourself.com/fashion-biographies/jean-harlow/

Katharine Hepburn: brilliant, bold, beautiful.

Katharine Hepburn In 'The Philadelphia Story'

Photo from: http://stylecaster.com/dress-like-american-style-icons/

Lauren Bacall: I can’t decide if I’m more in awe of the curls, the gingham jacket she pulls off with aplomb, or that pout.


Photo from: http://stylecaster.com/dress-like-american-style-icons/

Lucille Ball: best know for I Love Lucy, she makes me laugh a lot and has the best updo game I’ve ever seen.


Photo from: http://www.biography.com/people/lucille-ball-9196958

Marilyn Monroe: because no list of glamorous women is complete without Marilyn. I love her, I love her.


Photo from: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/news/g3675/marilyn-monroe-photos/

Rita Hayworth: At Twinwood’s Glenn Miller Museum, there’s an old movie poster for one of Rita’s films. I once told my grandad I thought she was beautiful, and I was going to dress like that one day. And now I do. Thanks Rita!

rita hayworth

Photo from: http://www.meredy.com/ritatriv.html

Sophia Loren: smoulderingly sexy, I want to know how she gets those cat flicks.


Photo from: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/news/g4185/sophia-loren-photos/

Veronica Lake: waves for days, I wish my hair did this.


Photo from: journeysinclassicfilm.com/2012/09/03/old-hollywood-book-reviews-peekaboo-the-story-of-veronica-lake/

Vivien Leigh: this is my new ‘Say that again – go on, I dare you.’ look.


Photo from Pinterest

There are a lot more I’d love to put on this list, and so much more I’d like to say about these lovely ladies, but it would be such a long post! How about you, dear readers – who would you add to this list?


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