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Introducing the all-new, old-fashioned blog

Let’s start with me sitting here, second guessing my title. Can a blog be old-fashioned? I mean, I can pepper it with ‘pip pip’, ‘tally-ho’ and the like, but it’s on a computer, and they’re not really that old-fashioned. Well, some are. That laptop I took to uni and still have kicking around somewhere despite the fact it can only be used for playing Solitaire, for example…but it’s an interesting play on words. Maybe it should stay.

But, that’s enough of an insight into what goes through my head any time I make any decision at all. The title stays.

Happy Easter, one and all! I’m taking a break from my Easter baking (it’s not going well – I’m not convinced that chocolate sponge cake is supposed to taste like actual sponge…I’ve covered it in buttercream icing and chucked some creme eggs on the top, let’s hope for the best).


I’ve been thinking a bit more about what I’ll write about on the blog now the wedding is over, and I don’t think it’s going to come as much of a surprise to you that it’s going to take a decidedly vintage turn.As well as vintage (and vintage-y) fashion, I’ll be talking books, food, old and new inspiration, hairstyles (watch and mock as I try my hand at elaborate pin-curled creations) and all manner of exciting things. Watch this space from next week (and of course, there will be a gimmick – I mean, hook – because I love them. I’ll give you a clue: it starts with A).

In between all the vintage fun, I’ll  be talking about some of the other things important to me, such as a new charity my friends have set up, called Miller’s Stars. More to come on that in the coming weeks, but if you’re keen as mustard (where does that phrase come from?), and want to know more right now, this very second, please visit their blog and hear all about what my brave, brilliant friend and her equally brilliantly brave husband have been up to: http://www.millersstars.co.uk/#!blog-1/i5nct

And of course, there will be the odd update on what The Boy and I are doing. On a related note, has anyone else seen the trailer for that new horror film, The Boy? As someone with an incredibly active imagination, I’m considering coming up with a new moniker for my The Boy, just in case he turns into a murderous doll. We’re going curtain and sofa shopping tomorrow, so the murderous part is a distinct possibility. I find choosing anything that’s not clothes (when I’ll just buy them all and decide later) stressful, and I have a feeling that’s going to get really irritating, really quickly.

But that’s enough of my ramblings, I really should go and check on that cake. By which I mean have a slice, decide it’s disgusting, and then eat another slice anyway.



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