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Why my mum’s giving me away at my wedding – 6 days to go

12469532_1070110423012766_6317421091334048366_oPhoto: Lara Blake Photography

Holy Christ, I get married in less than a week. I know I’ve been doing a countdown every single week, and really should have seen this coming, but it’s taken me completely by surprise. Someone, anyone, please assure me that this is entirely normal?

I know I said no more spoilers, but today, I want to talk about one of the non-traditional elements of our wedding; my mum will be the one to give me away (something she’s been threatening every time I was naughty, but that she assures me she doesn’t really want to do). There are a few reasons for this, which I’ve written in a handy list:

  1. Because she’s the one who’s always been there. My dad and stepdad are both lovely, but if I had a problem growing up (from grazed knees, to fights with my friends, to existential crises), my mum was the one who picked me up, dusted me off, and helped me get on with my day.
  2. Because she’s a helpful voice of reason. When my temper flares up, which has been known to happen once or twice – or, as the wedding gets closer, once a week *cough* day *cough* hour – and The Boy’s not around, she’s the one who calms me down and makes me see sense. I know, she’s a talented woman.
  3. Because she’s lovely. She makes the effort to spend time with my friends and remembers their entire life stories and nicknames from years and years ago (my friend Liz hasn’t been called Little Liz since we was about 17, but Mum still remembers). She’s even invited one or two to Christmas lunch when she found out they didn’t have plans. See – lovely.
  4. Because she worked her ruddy socks off for me and my sister. She cleaned houses, packed boxes of gloves, and had a whole host of other jobs that can’t have been much fun, just to make sure we didn’t go without.
  5. Because she always makes the effort – example thereof: every year, I drag her along to Twinwood (1940s festival). It’s not really her thing, but she always pops on a suitably vintage outfit, and stands for hours and hours while I visit stalls, gossip with traders and generally have a blast.
  6. Because she’s my best friend in the whole world and basically, because there’s no-one I’d rather have by my side. She’s an absolute legend, and I couldn’t do it without her.

This week, as a special treat and as we’re only a few, teeny, tiny, little days away from the wedding, look out for some sneak peeks of the final preparations! I’ll be posting some on here and Instagram, but some exclusively on my shiny new Facebook page.


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