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Ticking off the to-do list – 18 weeks to go

VWS Festival Landscape Poster

First things first, I found out this week that our wedding venue is going to be hosting The Vintage Wedding Festival on 22 November, and I am excited. It’s billed as offering the best wedding services for the unique, creative and vintage-loving bride, and on a good day, I like to think I’m all three. I’ll be going along for the vintage tea room if nothing else, but they’re also offering workshops in flower crown making and boutonnieres (FYI, that is NOT how I thought you spelt that word), which sound awesome (and if anyone wants a nose at our wedding venue – and I hope you do – I will see you there!).


We’ve been working very hard on wedding bits and bobs this week, so I thought I’d share how we’re getting on. Partly to enjoy the 30 seconds or so of smugness before I remember something vital that we’ve missed, and partly to make myself feel better that two of our recently-engaged friends are roughly at the same stage of planning as we are (and their wedding’s not for a year):

  1. Wedding crockery – after three weeks of dragging The Boy and various family members and friends around charity shops and car boot sales to buy their entire stock of crockery, and a visit to the local auction where a nice lady took me under her wing, we’re almost there. Except for teapots. We need lots of teapots.
  2. Invitations – my amazing-cousin-who-happens-to-be-a-rather-fabulous-graphic-designer (let’s call her Kirsty for short) has designed our amazing invites, and is printing them right this very second.

    On a related note, if you’re planning your wedding and designing your own invitations, research printing prices beforehand. We’re lucky because Kirsty very kindly offered to print them for us to save costs, but the cheapest quote I got elsewhere was for £350. From a man who questioned Kirsty’s ability (“Yes, she can be both my cousin AND a graphic designer!”). He followed that with, “I know what women and weddings are like,” and finished with, “There’s no such thing as working from home.” when I mentioned that’s what I was doing that day. If I could have reached down the phone line and throttled him, I would have done.

  3. Wedding dress – it has ARRIVED! First fitting is next week, and I’m excited, nervous and thrilled all at the same time.
  4. The Boy’s suit – he thinks he’s found The One. Possibly. Maybe. If everyone else likes it, that is. I made the mistake of saying it wasn’t what I thought he’d wear, and it’s sent him into a doubt spiral. If you’re reading this, my love, I really like the suit. When I said it wasn’t what I thought, it’s because I thought you were calling up the Doctor Who props department for one of Matt Smith’s cast offs, not because I didn’t like it. I love it. Do I want you to get it? To quote Phoebe Buffay, “More than I want to get married”.
  5. Readings – my brothers have agreed to do one, hurrah! They’re nice like that.
  6. Corset – my sister has just been over and laced me into it for the first time (you need to break these things in you see, they’re like shoes). I wouldn’t look out of place in Downton Abbey (it’s the posture).

And things we still have to do/decide/discuss…

  1. First dance – do we want one? Do we need one? If so, do we want to do (The Boy’s words, not mine), the awkward hug-shuffle around the dance floor, or the possibly-even-more-awkward choreographed routine? I replied that we should do the Charleston or the Lindy Hop, which earned me A Look. I think I crossed a line.
  2. Cake toppers – he wants Lego Doctor Who figures, I want a vintage-looking, personalised one. We’ll see who wins that one (I say in the knowledge that The Boy is so busy at work, I’ll be the one doing the ordering).
  3. Readings – we still need to ask the person/people we want to do the other reading. And decide what it’s going to be.
  4. Witnesses – quite important, apparently.
  5. Stop. Eating. Cake. (That’s one just for me. My sister made Oreo truffles yesterday, and forced – ok, offered – me one. I ate three. Then today, a lovely chum who we don’t see very often popped over. I’d offered tea and cake, and we were without milk. I would have been a rubbish host if I couldn’t even offer half of what I’d promised.)
  6. Corset – I need to wear it a few more times to break it in. Probably while The Boy’s out, as since he came home he’s told me I look weird, qualifying the statement by adding “Well, it’s because of your broad shoulders”.

I think that’s it for this week. If you’d like to hear more about the wedding, follow me on Twitter, come and find me on Facebook, or pop over to Instagram (ignore that last photo, I’m trying out my new charcoal and coconut oil toothpaste. It’s making my teeth lovely and white, but while using it, it makes me look a bit medieval peasant, with blackened stumps for teeth). And/or search for #OperationTeaCake.


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