Face of Le Keux 2023

Hello lovely people!

It’s been a while. Over two years since my last post, blimey. How have you been?

We’ve got lots to catch up on (I’ve just had my first Christmas with a toddler and a newborn, which was not-even-organised chaos), and I’m hoping to blog more in the new year.

My loves

However, first things first, I’m after a bit of a favour. I know, I know – I disappear for an age and then have the nerve to ask for something.

But here we are.

I’ve entered the Face of Le Keux 2023 competition and if I win, I’d be representing a fab vintage brand for a year.

To get through to the next round, I need to be in the top 5 most popular photos at this link, and I’m currently quite far behind.

This is what my face looks like in the gallery, FYI

If you have a moment, please could you visit the Face of Le Keux gallery and click the star under my photo?

I appreciate it’s been a long time since I posted, so a reminder that my name’s Carrie-Ann.

Thank you! And while we’re here, if there’s anything you’d be interested in me blogging about (vintage, reproduction brands, hair, make up, new mum stuff including breastfeeding and post-party’s hair loss), please let me know as I work on a content plan!


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