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Festive frocks: daytime frolics

Welcome to the second in my series of festive frocks for all occasions (in case it’s not become clear just yet, I really love Christmas. And one of the things I love most is all the themed outfit possibilities; there are so many!).

My thoughts have now well and truly turned to what to wear this year (I’m even selling off some of my outfits from previous to pay for something new and truly spectacular…watch this space).

For those of you who missed last week’s, I featured a gorgeous evening gown from Gatsby Lady. This week, I’ve chosen something fun from Lindy Bop. I bought my first ever vintage style dress from Lindy Bop way back in 2013, and it’s now become one of my go-to companies when I’m looking for day dresses.


I bought this in a bit of a panic last year as I was looking through my wardrobe trying to find something to wear to spend Christmas with my in-laws. I wanted something fun and festive but not too terrifying to the vintagely uninitiated and this fit the bill nicely, as well as being incredibly comfortable to sit around, play video games and eat in.

For me, this the perfect daytime dress; I’d wear this to a Boxing Day get-together at my parents’ house (by get-together, I mean I arrive, eat bubble & squeak and sit in front of Storage Hunters for around six hours), or a festive pub lunch.


The top part of the dress is very stretchy, and the bow belt that comes with it is lovely too, but my very favourite element is the novelty print at the bottom; as well as a rather festive looking village, there are holly bushes galore.

The dress is also excellent for twirling around in, which is one of the key criteria I judge my outfits against.


I’m wearing a petticoat in this photo – although the dress works just as well without – and I’ve accessorised with red shoes from Dorothy Perkins, vintage pearls and a rose and lily hair flower made by one of my friends.

Unfortunately the dress is no longer available on Lindy Bop’s website, what with me having bought it a while ago, but there are tonnes of gorgeous new Christmas styles on the website.



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