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Northampton Vintage Fair and a hatcident

Much as I love the summer and the weekends spent at vintage events, I have to admit that it leaves me quite worn out come September!

So, one of the things I love most about the nights creeping in and the weather getting colder is having time to spend browsing vintage fairs. I’m very lucky to live in East Anglia, where we have quite a few to choose from, but I must admit that Lou Lou’s have a special place in my heart; Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair in Bedford was the first I ever attended, and it’s where I got the wrap I wore at my wedding (she’s called Maud and now lives in the spare room).

When I heard Lou Lou’s was coming to Northampton (and even better, that some of my friends were planning on going), I made plans to go. By which, of course, I mean I decided what I was wearing and asked my husband if I could borrow the car.

The night before, I set my hair in my Curlettes (a new favourite way of setting my hair; tutorial to come).


I decided against the outfit I’d planned a few weeks before, as a stunning navy vintage dress I’d bought from Timeless Treasures arrived the day before. I paired it with a vintage navy hat and a faux fur collar.

Once we’d arrived at the hotel, my friends and I – armed with our tape measures – flitted off to the things that caught our eyes; I like to think of us like magpies, but each of us are attracted to a slightly different type of shiny thing!

Here’s just a selection of gorgeousness:

!Special thanks go to Ruth Washington, a fantastic vintage-styled singer who was a wonderful accompaniment to our shopping!


There was a bit of something for everyone.

I found a real mix of vintage and repro, and lots of different eras at Lou Lou’s, which I loved; I’ve been to a few fairs recently which have been predominantly 1980s-1990s, which really isn’t my taste at all.

It was mere minutes (7 of them, if memory serves) before I made my first purchase, a lovely tartan pleated skirt for a bargain £5.

I had a lovely chat with one of the traders, who told me all about this print; it was for a Chanel ad campaign, and was created by Andy Warhol – it would have been on a fragrance counter somewhere in the UK, and I think it’s a little bit fabulous (also, check out the Bolshoi Ballet poster from their 1972 tour of the UK).


There was tonnes of jewellery available too, especially on the Sha La La stand (blog followers, you can get a discount in the online shop using TAKE10), and I had to have a very stern word with myself before I bought everything. Especially these confetti studs. Perfect for Christmas, or casual Tuesdays, no?


I’ve been looking for some festive wax melts recently, and was frankly delighted to find someone selling those very things! After spending a good 10 minutes having a chat about fragrances and dithering, I bought a few to share with my mum and my sister (I’m nice like that). The Christmas Spice fragrance is currently merrily working its way through the house, and is making me feel very Christmassy indeed!


One of the things I’d promised myself is that I wouldn’t buy any more hats. I have a lot of them, and really should sell some of those that I don’t wear very often.

However, I then had what my friends and I have christened a ‘hatcident’. I tried this lovely one on from Black Label Vintage, and couldn’t bear to leave it. At only £15, it didn’t take me long to convince myself that as I don’t have many brown hats, maybe this would be a good addition to my wardrobe.


I did, however, walk away from this dress, something I’m still a bit sad about. It didn’t quite fit me and it was a sensible decision, but just look at how lovely it is!


After spending a couple of hours browsing the clothes, homewares, jewellery and general vintage loveliness (and having shopped our little legs off), it was time to treat ourselves to tea and cake. I had the raspberry and white chocolate, and it was delicious (you can tell by my ‘Yum’ face).



hanks to Holly and Sarah for a lovely day.


Who’s coming to the next one with us?




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