A-Z of a vintage girl

X is for eXciting news!: the A-Z of a Vintage Girl in a Modern World

This week’s blog comes to you from my comfy sofa, where I’m under a duvet with Agent Carter on in the background (side note: I want ALL the costumes. All of them. If someone can point me in the direction of someone who can recreate them, I’d be ever so grateful). Especially this dress:


I’ve reached X in my A-Z of  a vintage girl in a modern world, and, I’ll be honest, I’ve been struggling for inspiration. Which could go some way to explaining why I’ve not written anything for a little while. Along with us being on our honeymoon (we went to Rome and Naples in Italy, then Kakslauttanen – the place of the glass igloos – in Finland, where we saw the Northern Lights twice in three days. It was glorious and I miss it every day).


Wearing a sunny honeymoon outfit in Rome



Wearing still-sunny-but-significantly-chillier outfits in Kakslauttanen


There are lots of things X could stand for – as The Boy suggested, I could talk about the perfect vintage Xmas (it’s not so terribly far away, and I’ve been feeling curiously festive since our return from Finnish Lapland. Possibly because we stayed close to where Father Christmas lives, and saw his office and everything), but it still feels a teensy bit early. I could use it to talk about pinup icon Bettie Page, or perhaps burlesque, but I think I covered burlesque pretty well under B, for burlesque and body confidence.

So instead, I’m going to use this week to share some rather eXciting news (see what I did there? I cheated. That’s what I did). I’ve recently started writing for She Might Be, the UK’s first completely body positive, online magazine and community that is written solely by bloggers, created by Georgina of She Might Be LovedXXXXXX. where I’ll be talking all about vintage things. Other stuff too, I’d wager – you know me, I love a good tangent, but mostly vintage.

Collectif coat, BAIT shoes, hair flower from Sophisticated Lady hair flowers and bag from Jools the Vintage Bag Lady. Photo by Street Style Carousel

My first post is live now, and can be found here: http://shemightbe.co.uk/rocking-true-vintage-accessories-series-bags/. You’ll get to read all about my collection of vintage bags (photos and everything), and hints and tips on starting to build your own collection.

One of my favourite bags, from Elegant Era in Harrogate. Photo by the lovely Vintage Frills.

In other very exciting news, The Boy and I’s wedding was recently featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, surely one of the loveliest of all the wedding blogs. If you weren’t a reader of my blog when it was the countdown to our wedding – or perhaps you’d just like to see some more of the photos – you can find it here: http://whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com/2016/10/vintage-inspired-doctor-who-wedding.html

If you weren’t a reader of the blog then, I should warn you: it was vintage mixed with Doctor Who (which The Boy and I pretend was a compromise because I love vintage and he loves Doctor Who, but we both know that’s bordering on a lie, because I love Doctor Who almost as much as he does). Also important to note – my sister made the cake. She’s a genius.


Traditional wedding cake with a hint of TARDIS and a heap of deliciousness


So, now that I’m back, let’s crack on with this A-Z shall we? Next week I’ll be talking about saying yes and positivity and all that jazz. It’s going to be delightful!


Yes, this is a TARDIS onesie






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