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H is for Hair Flowers & Happy Times: The A-Z of a Vintage Girl in a Modern World

I am properly obsessed with hair flowers. I love them – they’re a mega-easy way to accessorise an outfit, and can even bring a bit of summer sunshine to a dreary, drizzly November morning.

Such is my obsession that when I went for my first job interview at where I now work, a friend whose opinion I respect very much said, “I’d probably leave off the hair accessories, just for now.”

They’re back now though – the nice people in the office said it was ok.

I get them from a few different places, including vintage fairs, events (Twinwood and the like), and Facebook pages, but two of my very favourite sellers are Sophisticated Lady Hair Flowers – look at this gorgeousness (please ignore the tired eyes. And drink. Focus on the flowers):


And Shazam Vintage Pin Up Hair Flowers – this hydrangea comb is one of my favourites, as you can see:

But it doesn’t have to be all about big, in-your-face (or hair, if you will) florals. I have a couple of sets from Crown & Glory, that are made up of three separate roses. Not only does that mean you can switch them around, depending on your mood, it also means that you can just wear one (or two) if you fancy it. I always wear three, because. You know:

Please, enjoy this gallery of my floral, follical fabulousness (sorry, I don’t know where this obsession with alliteration has come from), plus a rather fruity number. At my wedding, I wore a hairpiece by Rosadior, the fruit combo is from Pin Up Girl Clothing, the sparkly, sequinned number was a birthday present, the blue and white comb on the bottom row, I made myself at my Hope & Glorious hen party, and the others were all bought at fairs (I think):

And talking of things that make me happy, I’d like to talk about happy times. Not related to vintage necessarily, but something that I’m increasingly realising is very, very important.

Sometimes, life can be really, really shit. Sometimes it’s hard, and scary. Sometimes, it can just be a bit annoying – picking an example totally at random, maybe you’re running late and need cash, but the cash machine is out of order and swallows your card before going offline. (Side note: this happened to me last weekend. It really was quite annoying.)

The reason that I’m posting this blog so late is that I spent the afternoon with some of my marvellous ’40s and ’50s loving friends, catching up, ogling cars (my stepdad would be so proud), and generally having a wonderful time. Then, I came home and cooked dinner for The Boy, my very oldest chum, and her boyfriend, who we haven’t seen since the wedding. We talked a lot, I burned the chocolate cake, and everyone ate it anyway, and I laughed so much I cried.

I’ve had a lovely, lovely day.

So next time I’m stressed, upset, grumpy or angry (all have the potential to happen tomorrow, as we try to get our boiler fixed for the third time in a week – we’re still none the wiser as to what the problem is), I’m going to remember today. And while I’m at it, I’m going to remember our mini-moon in Bath, that time I spent a whole evening making up dog puns with my friends, and perhaps even the time I read the first four Harry Potter novels in one weekend.

Because sometimes, that’s what’s going to get you through a tough morning, day or week.

To close, I’d just like to remind you that public voting will soon close for Miss Vintage UK 2016 (and I’ll finally shut up about it, hooray!). If you haven’t already, please could you click on this link and like the photo? It will take you mere moments, but will make me a very happy lady indeed, as it may well mean I get through to the judges’ round.



Thank you, lovely readers!




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