A quick note – 10 weeks to go

I’m going to start this week’s blog with a piece of advice for anyone who’s planning a wedding, or may need to plan one in future.

If you see something you like, buy it. You can always return it or stick it on eBay if necessary.

Why am I giving this advice, you ask? Because I should have bought my bridesmaids’ dresses back in September. I knew I was being a bit overeager, so offered the option of waiting. Which most of the girls took, because that was a good five months before the wedding. Except now, of course,  they’re out of stock. At every. Single. Lindy Bop. Retailer. In the world.

Why oh why didn’t I just buy the dresses?!

But – we found our dream wedding venue second time around, so let’s hope for a repeat performance.

This weekend, I’m at a lovely friend’s wedding in Scotland. Storm Desmond did its best to alter my plans, but one nearly-nine-hour train journey to Edinburgh, one lovely friend who ferried me around everywhere and another lovely friend who rented a car so we could get to the venue later, and we made it!

So, this will be short and sweet, as I’m off to drink hot cider, swoon over the bride’s dress and enjoy a bit of bagpipery (totally a word).

While I do that, I’d like to share our pre-wedding shoot photos, taken by Lina & Tom Photography, our wedding photographers. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and I actually like my face in a couple (rare).

Enjoy! (And no, those photos at the end where we look like we’re about to fly away aren’t staged.)




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