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Pearls and wedding pants – 27 weeks to go

The Boy was away all last week for work, so not much happened on the venue front. Taking pity on me (and wanting to look at sparkly things), one of my bridesmaids suggested we pop to London for some wedding accessory shopping, along with much needed time away from the stress that is wedding logistics.

We arranged to meet at King’s Cross, and I went armed with reading material (Vintage Life, obvs – and not just because I’m on their reader wall this month) and my hairpiece by Rosadior so I could make sure everything matched. By the time I arrived (my train was late), she’d bought me a coffee (she’s nice like that) and we headed to our first appointment. Unfortunately for us, the queues for Oyster top ups and tickets were very long indeed. So long, in fact, that despite running to another machine, we were late for our appointment at Olivier Laudus.

Luckily, Olivier was very nice about it. In fact, he was very nice in general, letting us touch and try on various bits and pieces, and giving advice where needed (I’m still surprisingly indecisive when it comes to wedding things). Once I dragged my bridesmaid away from a tiara (if you’re reading this, the answer is still no, you may not “add one in as it would go really well with victory rolls”), we tried a few earring options, including blue, crystal encrusted drops, pearl studs (the list goes on. And on. And on) before deciding on the most gorgeous pair of pearl and crystal earrings that finish off my wedding outfit perfectly.

Next stop was the wonder that is What Katie Did. As a longtime stalker of the brand, I couldn’t wait to visit their boutique. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Portabello Road (yes, such a thing does exist), it’s fitted out like a luxurious boudoir (I jotted down some notes for when our bedroom needs redecorating – hello velvet chaise longue…) and the ladies who work there are so, so glam and so, so nice, it was possibly the best Saturday afternoon shopping experience I have ever had. And I’ve had a lot of those.

Once we cleared up the small matter of where the laces go (they’re hidden, just so’s you know), we started  trying on corsets. Proper ones. The kind where someone has to lean against a wall and just keep pulling as your waist magically shrinks. Now, when I’m having a bad body day, I will simply remember how amazing my waist looked in that changing room. It’s not often I feel body confident (read: never) but my goodness.

I won’t go into too much detail (because, why would you want me to, and, it’s not that sort of blog. My mum reads it), but I will say that wedding pants are now sorted, and I have a major crush on both girls who were working in the shop that day (flawless make up, hairstyles that I can only ever wish to achieve, and just so darn nice).

We might not have a venue, but I’m going to look fabulous…even if it’s only for re-enacting Great Expectations (I’ll be Miss Havisham, obvs), with The Boy on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


After such an exciting morning/afternoon, it only seemed right to celebrate with Prosecco. And a Magnum I designed myself (vanilla ice cream, white chocolate, rose petals, blackberry and raspberry sprinkles and yet more white chocolate, in case you’re wondering) from the #MagnumLDN pop up shop in Covent Garden. Which was totally worth the 45 minute wait and amused glances from those people too cool to queue.




I came away with everything I wanted (and a rose petal, white chocolate-covered Magnum), I laughed a lot, enjoyed some much-needed time with my chum and came back feeling relaxed and ready to crack on with the scary wedding stuff.

With 27 weeks left – let’s get this thing done.


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