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Seven wedding venues I’ve been looking at this week – 29 weeks to go

Apologies for another venue post coming so soon after the last one. But, after our wedding venue cancelled our wedding last week, it’s been a massive focus for us this week, searching high and low for somewhere new we both love. The venue is such a massive part of the day (I’d argue second only to The Dress), and an awful lot depends on it. Everything from the theme, to the bridesmaids’ dresses, to the flowers, can be affected by where you choose. A modern hotel, for example, could clash horribly with our vintage tea party theme. A marquee can be vintagified easily, but how would we incorporate Doctor Who?

After a lot of discussion, we’ve managed to narrow it down a bit. Here are the seven venues that have been occupying my thoughts this week, and left me wondering if perhaps Duxford did us a favour after all (suggestions 1, 3 and 7 came from the fabulous Lina & Tom, our wedding photographers, and suggestion 5 came from my wonderful MIL-to-be. Who knows her son oh so well):

1.  Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds – The Boy and I technically met during GCSE drama, so where better than to get married than on a stage? Having our nearest and dearest sitting in boxes might be strange to some, but I do love performing to the gallery.

2. East Anglian Railway Museum, Colne, Essex – such a cool venue, you can have your wedding reception in the Goods Shed. It’s a self-catering affair too, so the food can be exactly how we want it. If only it wasn’t so far away.

3. Heatherden Hall, Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire – oh the gorgeousness. In the very same area as James Bond and Star Wars are filmed, but you’d never know it. Featuring a wood-panelled reception room (with a Hogwarts-worthy fire), Chesterfield sofas and a CAVE in the gardens, it fits in with the vintage theme perfectly. And, the bridal party can enter the lot via the old entrance, which was featured in “My Week with Marilyn”. That pretty much sold the venue to me in itself.

4. The Bedford School, Bedford – again, we first met at school, and I really don’t want to have a wedding reception in the New Hall at Longsands (a white, modern type of room, with rubber aliens stuck to the ceiling, last time I saw it). So this would be a nice alternative –  a lovely setting, lots of scope to customize, and I’d finally get to live my dream of going to private school.

5. The TARDIS, all of time and space (or, you know, Cardiff) – yep, as of March this year, you can actually get married on one of the TARDIS’ (TARDISes? TARDISi?) at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff (not the current one, apparently that’s still going through all of time and space). No word on whether The Doctor is available to act as registrar/celebrant, but I’ve heard Peter Capaldi occasionally makes appearances there, so….

6. Barrington Hall, Cambridge – a beautiful, beautiful venue, dating back to the 17th century, where I’d get to play Lady of the Manor for the day.

7. MC Motors, Dalston – possibly the coolest venue on the list, it’s essentially a blank space, but with spiral staircases and a Victorian street running through the middle of it.

Next week – bridal accessory shopping with one of my bridesmaids. Prosecco and Magnum ice creams will be involved.



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