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Geronimo! And some spoilers – 42 weeks to go

I’m a bit late in posting this week (apologies, I’m sure you’ve all been on the edgeof your seats), but I was at a (marvellous) hen do in Brighton, and needed a bit of a lie-down when I got in. I blame the hula-hooping. Yes, there was hula hooping.

More to come on the hen do in an upcoming post – expect bunny onesies, awkward Mr & Mrs questions and lots of laughing. In the meantime, I’d like to say a big thank you to the stranger at Brighton train station who told me “You look beautiful”, when I had a head full of pin curls and strangers staring (I’m sure she’s an avid reader). After some of the things I’ve had said to (and about) me this week, I needed that.


But enough of my self-obsessed ramblings! Let’s get on with my…oh. Wait.

I realise I’ve been talking a bit about the vintage aspects of the wedding, but I haven’t really gone into detail about how we’ll incorporate Doctor Who. Well, the wait is over, you lucky things! A few weeks ago, The Boy and i took a trip to Cardiff. The weather was rubbish, but I did get a lot of compliment about my Collectif Pearl coat, so, you know. While we were there, we decided to visit the Doctor Who Experience (ah, who am I kidding – that was one of the reasons we chose Cardiff for our trip), and after a relatively leisurely stroll to Cardiff Bay (the wind literally blew us along, it was great. Then the weather was so bad on the way back, I convinced The Boy to get a taxi – a very, very rare occurence. Good day all round.), we headed in.

For those of you considering a visit – I cannot stress this enough – either go when it’s busy, or take children with you. The first part of the experience is interactive, which is great, but you go in groups. On a slow Tuesday before Easter, our group of around ten was mostly made up of self-conscious adults who didn’t really want to jump up and down to expel space creatures from the TARDIS. And the Weeping Angels section is nothing short of terrifying.

I’m forbidden to give any spoilers about the interactive section, so I will just say once you get over the self-consciousness, it’s pretty cool. And the guides are rather wonderful too. Once you’ve saved the world (oops, sorry – spoilers), you get to go into the exhibition-y bit, where you can take photos. And I have some, hurrah! Here are some ways we’re thinking of incorporating Doctor Who into the wedding (some of these are more likely than others):

Arrival (or departure) by TARDIS…


If the arrival by TARDIS doesn’t work out, perhaps Bessie as a wedding car? She’d fit the vintage theme too…


The Boy needs a suit, and I’ve always loved a man in tweed (or pinstripes)…


Or  big scarf…


We could sit on thrones (although this one was for a murderous fish lady, so maybe not)…


I’ve always wanted to dress like a member of the French court…


And this face mask just screams ‘bridesmaid’…


And although I might not fit into River’s shoes, or need her gun, I think a TARDIS guest book (free of spoilers) is a must…


Not quite sure how we’d fit Father Christmas into the mix, but everyone should always save room for tangerines (sorry, huge, massive, geeky, paraphrased reference there)…


So, there you have it. Some of the ways we’ll be incorporating Doctor Who into the wedding (and some red herrings too. I bet you can’t guess which ones). Filming for Doctor Who was going on while we were in Cardiff, but The Boy wouldn’t let me wait outside to pester Peter Capaldi. Spoilsport.

The Boy has asked me to add a disclaimer that Doctor Who won’t be the only geeky aspect to the day. But the other bits are a surprise (although I will say that it’s dangerous to go alone…)



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