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What to wear to a vintage wedding: Lady Vintage – 45 weeks to go

Happy Easter one and all! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day, whether it means church, family or something else entirely to you.

I’m sure many of you will either be working your way through your Easter eggs, or teetering on the edge of a sugar coma, and don’t want to listen to me prattling on about wedding nonsense, so I’ll save that for next week. Instead, I’m going to use lots of lovely pictures (hooray!) of pretty dresses (double hooray!) from one of my favourite brands in the whole world, Lady Vintage. (Disclaimer: I’ve bought so many of their dresses that they recently interviewed me for their blog – you can read it here.)

I know I wrote a whole post about why our wedding doesn’t have a dress code, but I’ve heard some people (mostly women) still want the chance to wear a pretty frock and potentially a petticoat to weddings (ours or otherwise), and Lady Vintage does those pretty well, so I thought I’d give those of you looking for wedding attire a helping hand. The only thing I would say is many of their prints are limited edition, so if you see one you like, grab it quickly before someone else does!

The first dress is the Eliza swing dress. Unfortunately the blue sweetheart fabric shown here isn’t in stock at the moment, but the link takes you to a fabulous orange floral alternative. Due to my previously mentioned addiction to these dresses, I do have the Eliza in the blue sweetheart and it’s gorgeous – figure-flattering and comfy; I did have to go a size up from my usual, so make sure you check the size chart before you order.



Or how about this foxy little number, the Victory swing dress? Surprisingly, I don’t have this one (yet…), but just look at the loveliness (and on a side note, look at that kitchen. Filing that away for future reference…). The Victory would look great with or without a petticoat for added twirliness on the dancefloor (and with or without the massive coat you’re likely to need for a February wedding). If we didn’t already have our bridesmaids’ dresses, I think this would be a great option.



Third on my list is this fabulous Medusa dress from Lady Vintage’s dedicated plus size range, Lady Voluptuous. Created in collaboration with the amazing Georgina Horne from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, each of the dresses is named after a fictional character (Medusa, Lyra, Bellatrix, Cosette), which I ruddy love. Anyhoo, back to the Medusa – how gorgeous is it? No room for a petticoat, but it would give a fantastic silhouette (as those in the know call it) and I think it would look amazing with retro seamed tights and a fascinator.


For those who fancy a bit more swing in their step (see what I tried to do there?),  the Lyra dress from the same range would fit the bill nicely. Elegant and classy, it’s just perfect for a wedding, no?



One of Lady Vintage’s most popular ranges is the tea dress (I have around nine in my collection so far, including this little number). Sitting just on the knee, these have a sash that ties at the back, creating a super-flattering cinched-in waist. The tea dress looks great with a bolero, and works just as well with heels in the daytime or flats for dancing, if you’re so inclined.


And, finally, here’s the Hepburn dress in turquoise. Named (of course) after the epitome of grace, Audrey Hepburn, these dresses sit just below the knee and are as classy and elegant as their namesake. I have a fair few of these in my collection too!



So, here ends my love letter to Lady Vintage. I hope you enjoyed looking at the prettiness as much as I did!

Also this week, The Boy and I went to give notice for our upcoming nuptials (I know, I’ve not mentioned it much, so apologies if it’s come as a shock), and I took this photo of us on the way, which I think accurately represents our feelings towards the meeting. During said meeting, we proceeded to get most of the questions wrong, but in exactly the same way (Sample – my interview: “What is his job?” “Journalist. Well, really, he’s an editor.” “Which do you think he’d prefer?” “Let’s go with editor.” The Boy’s interview: “What is your job?” “Journalist. Well, really, I’m an editor.” “Which would you prefer?” “Let’s go with editor.”), so hopefully that won’t count against us.




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