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My lovely, quirky wedding: An introduction – 52 weeks to go

Oh hello there, hi!

Welcome to my shiny, new, wedding-related blog. My name’s Carrie-Ann and I’m an almost-30 year old (typing that surprises me – I’m still trying to decide which GCSEs to take), slightly neurotic bride-to-be, obsessed with all things vintage, with a fiancé (otherwise known as The Boy) who is obsessed with all things Doctor Who.

Today marks exactly 52 weeks until we get married, and The Boy suggested it might be nice for me to write down all the fun (and slightly-less-fun-but-necessary) bits and pieces of wedding planning I’m working on each week, in case it’s useful for other brides (and to give our friends and family a good laugh). Particularly as we’re planning a slightly quirky wedding that involves a vintage tea party, victory rolls, Doctor Who and a big red bus, which apparently aren’t run-of-the-mill wedding fare (although looking at wonderful blogs such as Rock n Roll Bride, Mr & Mrs Unique Wedding Blog and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings suggests that some of these things might not be as wonderfully weird as we originally thought).

Reports that he suggested this to stop me talking about it to him all the damn time are, as yet, unsubstantiated.

Since we got engaged in December (more to come on that next week), we’ve managed to decide on (and book) a wedding venue, meet and provisionally book our (fabulous) photographers, book our gorgeous hair and make up  girlies and ask our bridesmaids if they’d be so kind as to join us on our special day (and put up with my frequent anxiety-driven wedding rants and semi-constant need for validation. They’re going to love it).

So, basically, we’ve booked the fun stuff, and now need to deal with the logistics side of things. I say the logistics, I mean the wedding finances. Apparently, my excellent budget where I wrote down everything wedding-related I could think of (thanks Google) and adding vague guesses at how much it could cost is not acceptable. Who knew? Again, more to come on that in a future post (once I’ve actually got the hang of how budgets actually work).

So, that’s it for now I think. In future weeks, you can look forward to musings on a variety of topics, perhaps including “How many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta is too many in one Sunday?”, “Children at weddings? Discuss” and “Is it ever really ok to ask a bridesmaid to dye her hair?”

Short answers to the above questions: “I don’t know, I would have thought 16”, “Yes, provided they’re quiet during the ceremony (if not, I am not above stopping the registrar and shushing them)” and “No. No it’s not.”

Well. Guess I should start thinking of some other topics then.


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